The Neil G. Thompson Memorial Scholarship Award

Deputy Neil Thompson

Patrolman Neil G. Thompson
August 4, 1950 - September 21, 1980

The Neil G. Thompson Memorial Scholarship Award

Dear Applicant,
Because of Neil and with the help of the LaPorte County Police Department, I established the Neil G. Thompson Memorial Scholarship. It will be awarded each year to a qualified high school senior who plans to pursue an academic career at a college or university of his or her choice.
Neil realized the meaning of an education as embracing three major elements - development of the mind, body, and spirit. His joy and excitement of learning were things I once envied but now understand. His physical and mental health was essential for him to withstand the pressures of today's life. And his spirit was composed of those intangible values that sustained him - integrity, conviction, loyalty, courage, selflessness, and moral values.
I could not forsee how the Memorial Fund could help in any tangible way to develop one's body or spirit. These are individuals' endeavors vital to the awakening of the whole person.
However, it is through this scholarship that the LaPorte County Police Department and I would like to show our support and best wishes for success in a future academic career.
Stimulation of the mind and the awakening of a young person's intellectual curiosity are part and parcel of a college education. One will work hard because the curriculum is demanding and the rewards are great. In the process, one will develop his own sense of true values and accomplishement and go out well able to cope with life in a complicated world. If one contributes to his fullest capacity, he will find the college experience both pleasant and rewarding, and it will be an endeavor long remembered with pride.
An education is one of the few things that no one can ever take away from you. Enjoy it. Value it.
"Be proud of it",
Lisa M. Thompson


Scholarship Guidelines
The scholarship is awarded in the amount of $1,000.000.
One high school senior who plans to pursue an academic career at a college or university will be selected each year by a committee.
Applications must be filled with the Sheriff on or before April 15th of the student's senior year in ordered to be considered for the scholarship.
To be considered as a qualified applicant, you must be a son or daughter of a LaPorte County Sheriff's Department employee or a son or daughter of an active Sheriff's Lake Patrol member, Sheriff's Posse member, or Reserve Deputy.

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